Czech Nationals 2022


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Registered Nations

General Information

You can find the official invitation here. Competition Information is here and below.

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August 23 - 27, 2022

Competition Center
Jindrichuv Hradec Airport (mapwww.letistejh.cz)

Entry Fee: 350 EUR + 200 EUR gas deposit
Includes: Event Organization, Opening and Closing ceremony, Pre-flight breakfast for each team, Maps

Student dorms or individual hotel booking, see info below and in the registration form.

Trailer parking at the airport
Surveilled between 21.00 and 6.00


Registrations are open until June 30, 2022.

Online registration is required - register here. Registered pilots will asked to submit their documents online 1 month prior the event. 

ENTRY FEE: 350 EUR + 200 EUR gas deposit = 550 EUR

Entry fee payment in CZK or EUR (multi-currency account):

Account holder's name: SKYBALLOON s.r.o.
Bank:  Raiffeisenbank a.s., Hvězdova 1716/2b, 140 78, Prague, Czech Republic
Account No.:  4787725002/5500
IBAN: CZ0855000000004787725002

Entry fee, pilot name

Competition Details

Event Director
Jonas Maes

Event Organizer
Pavel Kostrhun, Aeronautic Brno, SKYBALLOON s.r.o.
Czech Balloon Federation, Jindrivhuc Hradec Airport

Official Language

Maximum Participants
45 Pilots

Minimum Experience
30 hours PIC

Balloon Live App + Sensor
Pilots must bring own sensor.

2022 FAI-CIA AXMER Model Rules
Download here.


August 23

12:00 - 15:30

Check-in at the Competition Center (Airport)
General Briefing at the Competition Center 
Opening Ceremony at the Competition Center

August 24-27 5:15
Flight Brieifing + Competition Flight
Flight Brieifing + Competition Flight
August 27


Dinner, Awards and Closing Ceremony at the Competition Center

Competition Center

Airport Jindrichuv Hradec is the Competition Center of the Czech Nationals.

Google Maps.

Training Flights

Possible before the event. Please check the ICAO map and comply with all the relevant flight rules. No need to check-in for training flights - the organizer is not responsible for training flights.

Air space information: 

Local FRQ: Hradec Radio - 123,605

The maximum altitude without a transponder is 5000 FT AMSL. 

Refueling for training flights: individually at gas station RODVINOV.  A refueling hose will be ready at Comp. Center from Sunday (REGO).  Bring an adapter for TEMA's. 

  • LPG Rodvinov:  49°10'43.234"N, 15°3'13.473"E, coordinates: 0396 / 4738 
  • Opening hours of the station: Monday – Friday: 6:30 – 21:00, Saturday – Sunday: 7:30 – 21:00 
  • The price for the gas is ~25 CZK/litre (~1 EUR/litre)

Competition Flights

NOTAM will be issued during the competition flights (August 23-27). We expect to get clearence for the Blue PZ up to 9 000 ft.
During the competition coordination with the Airport will be covered by the organizer. 

Propane and Refuelling

First refuelling after the first competition flight, last refuelling before the last flight. 
REGO use only, bring an adapter for TEMA. Rufuelling will be done cylinders-in-basket. 

Refuelling will be every day after competition flights from 9:00 and 20:00. To make sure there was no change of time of refuelling - please check the official board.

Gloves are mandatory. Pay attention to the refuelling official personnel. 

Cost: Propane will be billed separately, the price for the gas will be published in summer 2022.
With the entry fee we will collect 200 EUR as deposit. After each refuelling, a total gas bill will be displayed at the Official Noticeboard. Fiesta flights will be billed separately. 

Official Notice Board

Watchmefly.net will be used as OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD


WhatsApp: We are planning to use WhatsApp to simplify the communication between the Director and the competitors. 
Radios: VHF radio is required during all flights, there will be a special flight operation at Jindřichův Hradec airport.


WindSond: WindSond online information before and during the flight for all pilots.


Accommodation is not included in Entry-fee. Every competitor has to make his reservation. 

We can offer cheap accommodation at the student dorms of SVECOVA KOLEJ (4 min. by car from the airport). The price is about 450/per person/night (~18 EUR). The accommodation will be paid to the organizer. Spaces are limited - first come first served basis. You can inquire this accommodation in the event's registration form. 

Other accommodation is paid directly to the hotels or guesthouses owners. For reservations, you can use Booking or Tourist Information Platform.

Please book your accommodation as soon as possible. The place of the competition is a popular tourist destination in summer. It will not be possible to book comfortable accommodation later.

Officials will be accommodated at a small guesthouse at the airport. There is no more space for the competitors. 


Breakfast will be prepared 30-40 minutes before each morning briefing (included in entry fee)

Brunch after the morning flight and Dinner before the evening flight is possible to order. Both meals include soup, main course, salad, dessert and soft drinks. We have a good feedback from the crews from the last championship and a good quality catering supplier. 

Estimated price for brunch and dinner together is 30 EUR/day/person. You can inquire meals in the event's registration form. 


Over-night surveilled designated parking area for balloon trailers at the airport.


Our friends – pilots contribute to the organization of the competition with financial donations. We are preparing competition tasks for you, which will bear the names of the sponsors. The winner of such a discipline will receive a cup and a small cash bonus during the competition.

Fiesta registrace

Rádi bychom pozvali naše přátele a kolegy z řad pilotů a posádek balónů na malou fiestu organizovanou v souvislosti s Mistrovstvím republiky. Prosím piloty se zájmem o účast o vyplnění jednoduchého formuláře, zašleme vám pozvánku a další informace.